BSc. Physician Assistantship

Advanced Diploma / Diploma Applicants

Diploma holders in Medical Assistant with a minimum of B+ average/second class and three years working experience in addition to the basic qualification at SSSCE/’O’ Level may be admitted to the Third Year of the programme. All diploma candidates would be admitted after an interview. Mature Applicants
Mature applicants must be nurses with SRN or RGN certificate. Candidates must have attained the age of 25 years or above. Successful applicants will be admitted to the Second Year of the programme.


Holders of BSc in the life sciences (Nursing, Biochemistry, Human Biology, Environmental Sciences, Public Health, Medical Laboratory Technology, Sports and Exercise Sciences, Herbal Medicine, Sonography etc.). Dental Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians and Laboratory Technicians with at least five (5) years on-the-job experience are also eligible. This category of applicants will be selected pending their passing an entrance examination and an interview.
Degree and Diploma holders will be admitted to Level 300 and 200 of the programme respectively.
All applicants should have at least Six (6) credits for English, Math, Integrated Science and 3 Electives in General Science, General Arts, Agricultural Science and Home Economics in WASSCE/ SSCE